I’ve Moved My Blog

After battling with the company that has my registered domain name and getting lots of life support from my kind hearted host, my new blog is up and running. I got a new banner up and running too, so cute! I’m still working on the installations of plug-in and so, hence, apologies for any inconveniences caused.

My New Blog

Thank you all for the many advises; especially double, blissmo, soshi and the ladies at B00B (:

I’m Moving My Blog Soon

I’ll be moving/transferring my blog soon, setting up my wordpress account on my domain. Sadly, I’m a computer idiot and am still struggling with the skin, widgets and plug-ins page. I actually installed and got my blog running yesterday but there were some cpanel errors and I’ve to stall moving for a little. There’s also the domain and host problem where the company that I originally registered my domain with is slow in responding. -_-” My host (Oryon), on the other hand, is too effective to be true. Thus the discrepancy.

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Food! Food! And Moar Food!

Beside noting the plot, characters and graphics, I pay special attention to food. I live to eat and I love food. My tummy grumbles whenever I see something delicious on tv; be it anime food or real food. Below are some memorable anime food that got my attention, and I can’t wait for moar to appear!

  • Choco Coronet (Lucky Star)

Snack time!

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Unconventional Weapons That Rock My World

The many weapons used by characters caught my attention. I’m not mentioning conventional weapons like swords and guns here but items that I’ve never thought would’ve been so lethal and deadly when they’re used by the proper characters.

  • Origami paper (Sola)

Becomes a Lethal WeaponA Row of Origami Paper

Origami Paper has never been so deadly in any character’s hands except for Aono from Sola. She can conveniently whip out a few origami pieces to attack enemies or create a metal weapon from them. Also, origami papers are light, portable and cheap (as compared to a real weapon). What better deals can you get?

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Variante – The Girl Who’s Supposed to be Dead

Variante Volume 1

I’m going to recommend Variante, a recent manga that I’ve been following. I’m currently at Volume 3 and the last volume (Volume 4) will be released by CMX MANGA in July. CMX did a great job in stopping online reader from uploading it, One Manga had to remove it due to copyright issues. Scans are also release at a crawling rate and I figure that it’s faster to get the original from the shelves instead. Coming back to the topic, I actually find Variante and Gunslinger Girl similar in many ways.

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Blood The Last Vampire

I’m not following any series for this season, I gave some a try but dropped them after an episode or two. I became bored and I dug up older series that I did not have the time to catch during my school term. I’m proud to say that I’ve finally completed Sola, Kimikiss Pure Rogue and REC. I placed Kimikiss Pure Rogue “On Hold” at episode 20 as schoolwork caught up on me. The holidays gave me the opportunity to kill off the last 4 episodes at my own leisure. REC, on the other hand, is a short but sweet anime and completing it was a breeze. After catching Sola and REC, I’m more for shorter series as they can be entertaining and yet be a great time saver. My quest for “short” but “interesting” anime begins and that’s when I chance upon Blood The Last Vampire.

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CMArt 3 >>> The True Tears of Miria

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